IMPACTT— the next generation HIIT – Martial Arts training program has arrived!

The IMPACTT format consists of individual workout components that train all aspects of your fitness, will torch calories, lean your body, and build the mental “fierceness” you need to conquer all your fitness goals! IMPACTT’s program is broken into 5-10 minute segments:

I = Impact: Through Boxing and Muay Thai training, this segment activates your caloric burn, blasts your core, and teaches you how to throw a mean punch.

M = Mobility: Plyometric(jump) training tightens and tones your body through fast twitch muscle activation, improves your cardiovascular conditioning as well as your quickness, agility, and reflex responsiveness.

P = Power: Metabolic muscle resistance training tones your entire body while improving your overall functional strength, and promoting your body’s maximum calorie burn and lean muscle mass gains.

A = Acceleration: HIIT, (High Intensity Interval Training) allows your body to beat the “stress adaptation response” – the plateau that occurs when your body gets accustomed to performing a one level of exercise. Here is where you dig deep and absolutely CRUSH any of your training plateaus!

C = Combos: Karate, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Jiu-Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do, and Tang Su Do training combine to train your coordination and neuro muscular patterning to transition between marital-art combinations. Although you’re still burning calories and toning… you are gaining complete control over your body.

TT = Total Technique: Here’s where it all comes together! Through three rounds of Mixed Martial Arts, you will incorporate each of the previous segments fitness and martial–arts techniques! Your endurance will be challenged but your mental toughness will overcome… because you “don’t stop.”

The next level of martial-arts fitness training has arrived. Contact us for additional details.